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Dog Poop Patrol – day 97

Brigham finds poop in the back yard and PICKS IT UP!! ARGHHHH!!! We all decide to water the turds so they grow into bigger turds. We finally take the boy inside and wash his poopie hands. Brigham gets a haircut and is so cute it should be illegal. We dance and goof around like normal. …

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Baby LOVES Artichokes! – day 95

Ginger shares some sweet math skills. I make awesome grilled artichokes! Ginger has Rogue Wave (SUPER AWESOME BAND, one of my top 5!) According to G, Brigham is insane of it and in town. Brigham goes crazy for artichokes… seriously!

Unicycle: Ginger’s first ride – day 88

Unicycles, Farm Animals, Deep Fried Food, Gut Wrenching Rides… WE LOVE THE FAIR. The Riverside County Date Festival to be exact. What a blast it was! Ginger performed on stage with her dance class. I hit my head REALLY HARD on a ride. Ginger was picked from the audience to be in the “Hilby: The …

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Zumba: a guide to shaking your moneymaker – day 86

We were bathed in gifts today. A Topsy Turvy pepper hanger, and a HUGE Puppy Doll for Brigham. Our Broccoli is doing great and even starting to look like broccoli. We bust out our best “Karate Kid Beach Scene” knee bouncing a volley ball skills and things get crazy. Tara makes some silly faces and …

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Splinter Removal… THERE WILL BE TEARS! – day 61

I Love My Wife – day 56

Banging our kid’s heads into the wall – day 54

We’re horrible parents

Parents of the Year!

We received an award at COSTCO for being “Parents of the Year!” Because we feed our kids fruit “eh-hem ice cream” before dinner. Ginger takes over the vlog and does a better job that I do. I discover Brigham is drinking about 8.5 gallons of milk a day. I head out to the college to …

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