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Family Gymnastics – day 92

Ginger sings the Broccoli song. Dar gives herself a starchy facial. We take another family walk to Tara’s house. Grandma Sue has a bum leg and it gives her swagger! I teach you and Maryjane my favorite prank to play on my friends. Tara breaks a nail polish bottle on her carpet. Brigham takes a …

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Because we’re vegetarians! – day 51

We’re horrible parents

It’s almost as pretty as you are

Ooooh, the sky is so pretty. There are light up flamingos in the clearance area of target. I translate some of Ginger’s song lyrics. We go to work on a Costco pizza. I share my internal struggle with wanting to eat seafood. The stinky cheese isle takes my mind off the crab legs. Couldn’t find …

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