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Shampoo Mohawks make me smile

Lunch at Las Flores!!! YeeHaw! I have a serious talk with Dar and Tara about shampoo mohawks. I fall asleep on the floor with Brigham. I get a bunch of crap about the length of my nails. I sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall in its entirety while we rock a game of …

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Pre-poop Procedure

We hang with Napoleon, the Blind Shar Pei. Dar and I go ON A DATE!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!! Mission Impossible 3 made me want to race around, hang from ropes, and shoot bad guys! Ginger sings Walking in a Winter Wonder Land. Tina crawls through the kiddie tunnel. I take Napoleon for a walk while my …

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HAM it up!

I’m a nerd for HAM radio. I run a weekly radio net in my area for fun… yeah, I said fun. Ginger makes up her own “Bubblegum Bubblegum in a dish” game. I scared the holy crap out of Trish and we all learned a bit more about our nostrils.