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Surprise Wasabi – day 99

It’s sushi night at the Cotton Patch. We love different kinds of food and so do our kids. Ginger and Brigham both love Vegetarian Sushi Rolls. Wasabi is like a HOT SLAP IN THE FACE! The burn is so good and it clears out your sinuses and then disappears. I eat entirely too much wasabi …

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70’s Photography called… – day 93

Brigham is a sneaky stinker always trying to go where he’s not allowed. Hazel starts screaming just to make herself known. Brigham pretends he’s James Bond 007. Dar and I it up the local super market and have to make some tough decisions about enchilada sauce. Princess Ginger tells tales of her adventures in times …

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Family Gymnastics – day 92

Ginger sings the Broccoli song. Dar gives herself a starchy facial. We take another family walk to Tara’s house. Grandma Sue has a bum leg and it gives her swagger! I teach you and Maryjane my favorite prank to play on my friends. Tara breaks a nail polish bottle on her carpet. Brigham takes a …

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Child Family Planner – day 76

I, too, have the moves like Jagger! – day 60

Busted by Security! – day 57

Geocaching – day 52

Was that a golf tournament?

Out to diner at Souplantation. Something is up with the bloggie, I charged it all day but have no battery… poop-knuckle! Matt is back from ABQ and he has a cool new shirt. Brigham dances while he eats. The camera runs out of ba…..

Loser Slacker Flake!!!

Dar, Hazel, and Tara hang out in a changing room. Tara wants Ginger to be the first 4 year old blogger and to be on Good Morning America. Dar drinks real coca cola for the first time in 2 years and has a “cokegasm”. Tara runs over her foot with the shopping cart at Joanne’s …

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Couponing with Tara

It’s hot in the desert. Dar and Tara have a Snickers moment. The try to get the mail from the mailman. Hazel has the hiccups again. Tara goes shopping with coupons. Tara massages Hazel’s tear glands. The kids and I goof around. We crack open a rancid coconut. I dig buñuelos! I furrow my brow …

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