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I sound horrible cause I’m sick. I teach Ginger how to get her way EVERY TIME! Ginger shows us her new garden features. Our cabbage will come with a free baby. Our dogs are vegetarian (wink wink). Ginger kills weeds. Grandma Sue gives Ginger her own little garden bag. Onion sets? I shamelessly request likes …

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Brigham get some serious tickle work done. I confess to something that’ll make you question my sanity. That’s about it. Go to our youtube channel TheCottonShow and subscribe!


Brigham wakes up in a good mood. Darcie has to say goodbye to Hazel for the first time to go BACK TO WORK! Mommies are supposed to be with their babies. Ginger toots. Brigham gets excited and jealous all at the same time. Ginger’s lips are about to fall off. Darcie shares her love for …

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Baby LOVES Artichokes! – day 95

Ginger shares some sweet math skills. I make awesome grilled artichokes! Ginger has Rogue Wave (SUPER AWESOME BAND, one of my top 5!) According to G, Brigham is insane of it and in town. Brigham goes crazy for artichokes… seriously!

70’s Photography called… – day 93

Brigham is a sneaky stinker always trying to go where he’s not allowed. Hazel starts screaming just to make herself known. Brigham pretends he’s James Bond 007. Dar and I it up the local super market and have to make some tough decisions about enchilada sauce. Princess Ginger tells tales of her adventures in times …

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Family Gymnastics – day 92

Ginger sings the Broccoli song. Dar gives herself a starchy facial. We take another family walk to Tara’s house. Grandma Sue has a bum leg and it gives her swagger! I teach you and Maryjane my favorite prank to play on my friends. Tara breaks a nail polish bottle on her carpet. Brigham takes a …

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Baby Makes Cookies – day 90

Pixel goes nutty as Brigham and I chase her around. Ginger and Darcie make chocolate chip cookies and Hazel helps! Ginger doesn’t like elephant snot. Ginger does some advanced maneuvers on her bike. We take a family walk in the dark… again. Bappa comes over to hang out. Brigham brushes his own hair.

I, too, have the moves like Jagger! – day 60


Time to scrub it up

Ginger has dance class. Dar gets new glasses and they’re super cute. Brigham slaps himself about the face and head. I take the boy home to make sloppy joes. Darcie has a song about sloppy joes. Ginger can’t get the song right. Darcie loses it and creates a bath song. Hazel slips me a sly …

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