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Surprise Wasabi – day 99

It’s sushi night at the Cotton Patch. We love different kinds of food and so do our kids. Ginger and Brigham both love Vegetarian Sushi Rolls. Wasabi is like a HOT SLAP IN THE FACE! The burn is so good and it clears out your sinuses and then disappears. I eat entirely too much wasabi …

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Baby LOVES Artichokes! – day 95

Ginger shares some sweet math skills. I make awesome grilled artichokes! Ginger has Rogue Wave (SUPER AWESOME BAND, one of my top 5!) According to G, Brigham is insane of it and in town. Brigham goes crazy for artichokes… seriously!

Chicken Horse – day 94

It’s apparently too hot for broccoli. Ginger prefers to be called Mr. Clause. Ginger makes a Thank You Book for Tara and Curtis for taking her to Medieval Times. The elusive chicken horse is created. Ginger feels my comfortable leg… yep, you read that correctly. Hazel sleeps soundly. Ginger reveals her finished book. Darcie makes …

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My welcome home after a day at the office. Ginger dances like a crazy person while we go to get the mail. A police man waves at Ginger. TICKLE PARTY!!! Darcie has the hiccups and takes lemon juice to clear them up. Brigham loves lemon juice and Ginger DOES NOT!!! Hazel kisses are the BEST!

CUTEST BABY EVER!!! – day 77

Busted by Security! – day 57


Geocaching – day 52

Time to scrub it up

Ginger has dance class. Dar gets new glasses and they’re super cute. Brigham slaps himself about the face and head. I take the boy home to make sloppy joes. Darcie has a song about sloppy joes. Ginger can’t get the song right. Darcie loses it and creates a bath song. Hazel slips me a sly …

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Baby Shower for Hazel

Brigham runs funny and I’m not sure where he gets it. We goof off outside the souplantation. Brigham speaks spanish. I spill the beans about (to you) about the surprise baby shower. Dar figures out something is going on when we get home and there are loads of cars that she recognizes. SURPRISE!!!!! My house …

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