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Smile! – day 87

Sunday, Church Day. We go out for a nice walk and see some kites, remind me to buy the kids some kites! The weather was amazing! Frand & Sherry (Dar’s Aunt & Uncle) drop of some valentine’s day gifts for the kids. Brigham gives us one of his super smiles. Tara, Curtis, and I hit …

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Zumba: a guide to shaking your moneymaker – day 86

We were bathed in gifts today. A Topsy Turvy pepper hanger, and a HUGE Puppy Doll for Brigham. Our Broccoli is doing great and even starting to look like broccoli. We bust out our best “Karate Kid Beach Scene” knee bouncing a volley ball skills and things get crazy. Tara makes some silly faces and …

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Splinter Removal… THERE WILL BE TEARS! – day 61