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I Love My Wife – day 56

Auntie is a Stink-pot!!!

We go for a family walk before dinner. Dar is making baked mac and cheese that might get ruined cause out oven is a freak! Brigham blows kisses. The dogs got baths yesterday. Auntie is a stink-pot. Brigham turns into a bubblehead boy. I put Brigham to bed and started reading Treasure Island again.

Paper-cut Fencing

Ginger and I partake of some delicious baby ribs. Mmmm Mmmm Good!!! The Bengals teach us about the qualities of Monday – loudly! Hazel has a hiccup curse from the womb that she hasn’t been able to shake. Ginger teaches me a thing or two about fencing with strips of paper. Dar busts out her …

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Hotel Hospital

Baby Girl gets a bath, her first one… at about 2 in the morning. Why is the night nurse in charge of the first bath and why do they do it at 2 in the morning? What are we going to name this kid? We had boy and girl names for the other two all …

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A person should not believe in an ism – he should believe in himself.

The Boy’s shampoo mohawk reminded me of one of my favorite movie’s opening monologue, hence the “ism” title. Take a guess at the movie by leaving a comment below. Brigham has discovered a new fun thing to do during one his most favorite times of the day. He turns on the cold water so it’s …

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