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Dog pile on Daddy! Brigham is so sweet and he kisses his sister and then picks bugs from her hair and eats them. Ben and I had big plans for getting some of that beehive honey but when I got home, someone had already come and disposed of the bees. It’s a bummer about the …

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Water meter box full of honeycomb and angry bees. Just got stung on the top of my head getting this pic for you.


Hazel and Ginger dance and laugh and giggle. I’d suggest watching it only once… it’s entirely too sweet! Grandma Sue shows us a funny trick with clothespins and I end up hurting myself with them. Brigham gets mad that he’s stuck in a stroller so I make it fun for him and Stroller Drag Race …

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I was up and at’em bright and early for our Mormon Helping Hands project. #DayOfService Hazel tries to steal my keys . Brigham has an extreme case of bed head! Ginger wants more toys… HA! We’re turning into hippies… well, not quite but we are dehydrating some strawberries and bananas. DELISH! Ginger has some built …

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Nice paint job!!!

Look at all those #helpinghands


Ginger comes home covered in boogers and dirt from daycare! We got creative with her Prize Box Tattoo because it was a little messed up. The middle of the dolphin tattoo was missing so I drew a shark eating it! All better! Brigham puts on Gingers favorite shoes, her pink shiny boots! Then we have …

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The kids are so chipper when they wake up! I have a church meeting Ginger takes over the vlog and shows y’all just how silly she really is. Dar solves the dinner debacle by getting dinner from a window… you’ll see. Brigham hides in a tent that makes him invisible. Ginger tells about her trip …

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Rain, come back! I love you!


The Boy is getting bigger… he’s testing a lot now but he’s so cute he can get away with it. Darcie has some Gals over for some scrapbooking thing. I make up for not much vlog with some video of the cutest baby you’ll ever see! Ginger gets crazy on her way to bed and …

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