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Man-tervention, Really?

Gettin’ ready for Christmas and goofing off along the way. Dar and Tara were giving me grief for having long fingernails, a full beard, and long hair. I thought for sure Ginger would have my back but she sided with the pregnant lady and her mean sister! They threatened me with a Man-tervention… I don’t …

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Got my butt kicked in fencing class

The Boy gets messy before his bath. I love Shea Moisture Baby Healing Lotion. Brigham gets upset that I leave for class. I get my butt kicked while fencing.

Sleepin’ Socks & Hazel or Scarlett?

Rambling while driving and thinking about names for Newbie Cotton. Ginger wants to make corn-bread and mayo sandwiches. I share some WILD new discoveries about hot water and socks. 200 Subscriber challenge!!!

Sweet Potato Pie, OH YEAH!!!

I’ve never had sweet potato pie… Until NOW!!! Lets just say that I have a new favorite pie. I’m really not into sweets unless they’re cold and fruity so I’m not really a pie person… this, however, changes the game! It’s not too sweet and the shredded coconut makes it so awesome!!! I asked Matt …

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2nd Thanksgiving

We had a great 2nd Thanksgiving. The food and company were great and the Living Desert trip was a really nice way to finish the evening. I’m looking forward to my monday weigh-in because I feel like I’ve done pretty good so far.

Making Warm Chocolatey Memories

Well, here’s our first vlog. What do you think? I’m a video guy so this seems like it’s gonna work out better for me. I like that you get more of the story now and that I don’t have to write so much – not one of my strong points. They say pictures are worth …

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Quelfing on T-day

Ginger started off Thanksgiving by drawing a turkey on the back porch. Way to get into the spirit G! I was catching up on the blog, G’ma Sue was playing with the kids and Dar was busy making green bean casserole and candied yams until we left for Tara and Curt’s house. Tara cooked the …

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Date Night? Oh, how I’ve missed you.

YES! Date night is here! Tara agreed to do a trial run of the kids sleeping at her house because I’ll be staying with Dar and the new bundle of joy for a few days when she arrives. I wonder if the crack down on liquids and carry-ons in the airlines has carried over to stork …

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A person should not believe in an ism – he should believe in himself.

The Boy’s shampoo mohawk reminded me of one of my favorite movie’s opening monologue, hence the “ism” title. Take a guess at the movie by leaving a comment below. Brigham has discovered a new fun thing to do during one his most favorite times of the day. He turns on the cold water so it’s …

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Stayed home Monday

I stayed home sick from work today but I actually spent the day working on a side project (after some of Portal 2, of course). Dave Rakoczy does incredible film/video work down in Florida and sometimes I’ll do the graphics for his spots. Today was a pretty simple one but I was working slower than …

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