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Dog Poop Patrol – day 97

Brigham finds poop in the back yard and PICKS IT UP!! ARGHHHH!!! We all decide to water the turds so they grow into bigger turds. We finally take the boy inside and wash his poopie hands. Brigham gets a haircut and is so cute it should be illegal. We dance and goof around like normal. …

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Operation Tickle is GO! – day 96

Brigham gets the snot tickled right out of him. Large Puppy wrestles Brigham in a cage match. We search for winter wear fro Ginger. I carry the boy on my shoulders and he LOVES it! Dar is sell crazy! We try our best to shuffle. We go for a family walk. Hazel is a super …

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Baby LOVES Artichokes! – day 95

Ginger shares some sweet math skills. I make awesome grilled artichokes! Ginger has Rogue Wave (SUPER AWESOME BAND, one of my top 5!) According to G, Brigham is insane of it and in town. Brigham goes crazy for artichokes… seriously!

Chicken Horse – day 94

It’s apparently too hot for broccoli. Ginger prefers to be called Mr. Clause. Ginger makes a Thank You Book for Tara and Curtis for taking her to Medieval Times. The elusive chicken horse is created. Ginger feels my comfortable leg… yep, you read that correctly. Hazel sleeps soundly. Ginger reveals her finished book. Darcie makes …

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70’s Photography called… – day 93

Brigham is a sneaky stinker always trying to go where he’s not allowed. Hazel starts screaming just to make herself known. Brigham pretends he’s James Bond 007. Dar and I it up the local super market and have to make some tough decisions about enchilada sauce. Princess Ginger tells tales of her adventures in times …

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Family Gymnastics – day 92

Ginger sings the Broccoli song. Dar gives herself a starchy facial. We take another family walk to Tara’s house. Grandma Sue has a bum leg and it gives her swagger! I teach you and Maryjane my favorite prank to play on my friends. Tara breaks a nail polish bottle on her carpet. Brigham takes a …

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Concussion with a side of Smelling Smoke – day 92

I hit my head last monday and I’ve been smelling smoke… no joke! That rhymes! Dar and I went to urgent care then to the ER to find out what’s wrong with my head. I get a CT Scan. Dar ties my shoes funny. We finally leave after midnight.

Baby Makes Cookies – day 90

Pixel goes nutty as Brigham and I chase her around. Ginger and Darcie make chocolate chip cookies and Hazel helps! Ginger doesn’t like elephant snot. Ginger does some advanced maneuvers on her bike. We take a family walk in the dark… again. Bappa comes over to hang out. Brigham brushes his own hair.


My welcome home after a day at the office. Ginger dances like a crazy person while we go to get the mail. A police man waves at Ginger. TICKLE PARTY!!! Darcie has the hiccups and takes lemon juice to clear them up. Brigham loves lemon juice and Ginger DOES NOT!!! Hazel kisses are the BEST!

Unicycle: Ginger’s first ride – day 88

Unicycles, Farm Animals, Deep Fried Food, Gut Wrenching Rides… WE LOVE THE FAIR. The Riverside County Date Festival to be exact. What a blast it was! Ginger performed on stage with her dance class. I hit my head REALLY HARD on a ride. Ginger was picked from the audience to be in the “Hilby: The …

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