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Ginger waters the cement to grow more. The sprinklers keep Grandma Sue and G from Gardening. The soil smells like strawberries. Ginger turns the hose on me. G and G-ma Sue are planting chili/bell peppers. Brigham fires his stock market staff and eats my phone. We learn to say jump in spanish. I make a …

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Pillow Pet was a 5 Star HIT!!!

Santa ate almost all the cookies, the Elf donuts were gone and so were the carrots for the Reindeer. Ginger got a Rapunzel baby. Brigham got a Pillow Pet that he LOVES!!! Christmas is a special day because baby Jesus is a miracle. Jesus was born in a manger in a stable. We go to …

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Poop-thumb Saga

I enhance a spinning top with my Dremel Tool!! Oh yeah. That top is doing about 5,000 RPMs. I prep a garden for G and Grandma Sue. Ginger freezes me with her super ice power. Tyler explains the lesson in the movie Tangled, and now he’s in trouble. I come home to a frozen Darcie …

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