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Child Family Planner – day 76

Santa’s Little Helper

We’re at my parents house for a Christmas celebration. I give Grandma Robin a hard time for accidentally feeding me real meat yesterday. The food looks great! We rock out in Pa’s nightclub office (he sells Deejay equipment). The kids open mountains of gifts. Ginger gets her Mermaid bike that she’s always wanted.

Pillow Pet was a 5 Star HIT!!!

Santa ate almost all the cookies, the Elf donuts were gone and so were the carrots for the Reindeer. Ginger got a Rapunzel baby. Brigham got a Pillow Pet that he LOVES!!! Christmas is a special day because baby Jesus is a miracle. Jesus was born in a manger in a stable. We go to …

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2nd Thanksgiving

We had a great 2nd Thanksgiving. The food and company were great and the Living Desert trip was a really nice way to finish the evening. I’m looking forward to my monday weigh-in because I feel like I’ve done pretty good so far.

The Cotton Patch

Went to my Grandma’s house today to visit and pick up a chair that she gave me. I had the kids and my mom with me so we stayed for a good while and let the kids explore the fun stuff outside and all the wide open spaces. I think the pictures tell this story …

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