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Darcie thinks she’s gonna be sneaky and squirt me with the hose… but I WIN! Mystery bird lands on our chimney and sings to us. Dar is seriously infatuated with popping mushrooms with her toes, but she dances about it so it’s okay. Lately we spend entirely too much time at JoAnn Fabrics! Ginger cleans …

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“Daddy can you bend me?” – day 98

The Cottons goof around and play together. Ginger does some awesome cheers! Ginger crowns me “The Special Champion of Basketball” and she gives me a dollar as my prize.Brigham plays a bit too rough with Pixel. We all head over to the Church to play basketball. The kids play in the nursery. Tara comes to …

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Operation Tickle is GO! – day 96

Brigham gets the snot tickled right out of him. Large Puppy wrestles Brigham in a cage match. We search for winter wear fro Ginger. I carry the boy on my shoulders and he LOVES it! Dar is sell crazy! We try our best to shuffle. We go for a family walk. Hazel is a super …

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Baby Makes Cookies – day 90

Pixel goes nutty as Brigham and I chase her around. Ginger and Darcie make chocolate chip cookies and Hazel helps! Ginger doesn’t like elephant snot. Ginger does some advanced maneuvers on her bike. We take a family walk in the dark… again. Bappa comes over to hang out. Brigham brushes his own hair.

CUTEST BABY EVER!!! – day 77

I, too, have the moves like Jagger! – day 60

Brigham speaks español

Ginger tries to convince Hazel to poop. Hazel tries to look at Ginger”s boobs. Brigham is tired. Brigham says wawa for water, so cute! I get some surprise hugs, my favorite!!! I sport my orange crocs. I try to shake the Ginger bug from my leg. We find a burrowing owl outside the community gate.

Maricela and Leo visit

The Boy makes a huge mess of the kitchen and his high chair. Maricela and Leo visit and bring Christmas gifts. We love Maricela and Leo! Ginger turns into a massage therapist. We rearrange the car-seats in Dar’s car to see if it will work. Ginger does a Vitamin Water sound bite. I reminisce over …

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The Cotton Patch

Went to my Grandma’s house today to visit and pick up a chair that she gave me. I had the kids and my mom with me so we stayed for a good while and let the kids explore the fun stuff outside and all the wide open spaces. I think the pictures tell this story …

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