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Child Family Planner – day 76

I, too, have the moves like Jagger! – day 60

Was that a golf tournament?

Out to diner at Souplantation. Something is up with the bloggie, I charged it all day but have no battery… poop-knuckle! Matt is back from ABQ and he has a cool new shirt. Brigham dances while he eats. The camera runs out of ba…..

Ginger has Sweet Tricks!!!

We put together Ginger’s new princess bike. G is super excited! She puts on her safety gear. We cover the rules of the road. Ginger shares her new skills and some sweet tricks. Dar and Tara are skylarking up a storm and Ginger steps in to regulate. G wants to keep riding. G waters the …

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Poop-thumb Saga

I enhance a spinning top with my Dremel Tool!! Oh yeah. That top is doing about 5,000 RPMs. I prep a garden for G and Grandma Sue. Ginger freezes me with her super ice power. Tyler explains the lesson in the movie Tangled, and now he’s in trouble. I come home to a frozen Darcie …

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Sweet Cakery

Dar had her c-section staples out today and while there she explains what she was thinking last night in her sleepy stupor. Apparently the baby in our bed isn’t ours. We make a little stop at a new cakery called Nana D’s and get sold a knock off pillow pet. Frank and Sherry (Dar’s Aunt …

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Sweet Potato Pie, OH YEAH!!!

I’ve never had sweet potato pie… Until NOW!!! Lets just say that I have a new favorite pie. I’m really not into sweets unless they’re cold and fruity so I’m not really a pie person… this, however, changes the game! It’s not too sweet and the shredded coconut makes it so awesome!!! I asked Matt …

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