Monthly Archive: December 2011

New Year Jalapeño Shortage

Ginger leaves with Tara to tear up the clearance section at Target. I’m sick so I’m sporting socks and slippers. I shoot Brigham in the tummy with a cannon ball. Ginger goes on a bike ride to see Auntie. Tara plays a trick on Darcie with her new Google number. Ginger sings to the whole …

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I have a story to tell

Brigham shows Xena some love, she does not reciprocate. Brigham fights nap time. Ginger eats the Alex-gingerbread and lose an arm. We sing Children of the Lord. Dar and I get down and play with the kids. Ginger ties a pretty bow around my ankle. We take down the Christmas tree and clean up the …

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It’s almost as pretty as you are

Ooooh, the sky is so pretty. There are light up flamingos in the clearance area of target. I translate some of Ginger’s song lyrics. We go to work on a Costco pizza. I share my internal struggle with wanting to eat seafood. The stinky cheese isle takes my mind off the crab legs. Couldn’t find …

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Last night was a rough one. The kids were up in waves that kept us up most of the night. We were invited to breakfast at the Lunnen’s home. Brigham is hungry. We make a quick trip to the APPLE STORE!!! I was good; I didn’t buy anything. We were actually there for Dar. Dar …

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Ginger has Sweet Tricks!!!

We put together Ginger’s new princess bike. G is super excited! She puts on her safety gear. We cover the rules of the road. Ginger shares her new skills and some sweet tricks. Dar and Tara are skylarking up a storm and Ginger steps in to regulate. G wants to keep riding. G waters the …

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Santa’s Little Helper

We’re at my parents house for a Christmas celebration. I give Grandma Robin a hard time for accidentally feeding me real meat yesterday. The food looks great! We rock out in Pa’s nightclub office (he sells Deejay equipment). The kids open mountains of gifts. Ginger gets her Mermaid bike that she’s always wanted.

Pillow Pet was a 5 Star HIT!!!

Santa ate almost all the cookies, the Elf donuts were gone and so were the carrots for the Reindeer. Ginger got a Rapunzel baby. Brigham got a Pillow Pet that he LOVES!!! Christmas is a special day because baby Jesus is a miracle. Jesus was born in a manger in a stable. We go to …

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Poop-thumb Saga

I enhance a spinning top with my Dremel Tool!! Oh yeah. That top is doing about 5,000 RPMs. I prep a garden for G and Grandma Sue. Ginger freezes me with her super ice power. Tyler explains the lesson in the movie Tangled, and now he’s in trouble. I come home to a frozen Darcie …

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Magic Reindeer Food

Sara the Elf has a HUGE surprise!!! I get pulled over on our way to a nice Denny’s breakfast. Somebody died in my Mom’s new apartment and she doesn’t care… but Darcie does. I have a super cute baby Hazel! There’s a bunny at the Fantasy Springs Box Office. Brigham has some sweet new DC …

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