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Brigham wakes up in a good mood. Mrs. Emma draws an awesome map for Ginger. Brigham is in a daze when he gets home. Ginger gets to eat a lollypop and hides it from Brigham. Darcie pelts Brigham in the back when he’s running away. Ginger wants to go on my work trip. I get …

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Dog Poop Patrol – day 97

Brigham finds poop in the back yard and PICKS IT UP!! ARGHHHH!!! We all decide to water the turds so they grow into bigger turds. We finally take the boy inside and wash his poopie hands. Brigham gets a haircut and is so cute it should be illegal. We dance and goof around like normal. …

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Baby Makes Cookies – day 90

Pixel goes nutty as Brigham and I chase her around. Ginger and Darcie make chocolate chip cookies and Hazel helps! Ginger doesn’t like elephant snot. Ginger does some advanced maneuvers on her bike. We take a family walk in the dark… again. Bappa comes over to hang out. Brigham brushes his own hair.

Busted by Security! – day 57


Loser Slacker Flake!!!

Dar, Hazel, and Tara hang out in a changing room. Tara wants Ginger to be the first 4 year old blogger and to be on Good Morning America. Dar drinks real coca cola for the first time in 2 years and has a “cokegasm”. Tara runs over her foot with the shopping cart at Joanne’s …

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Couponing with Tara

It’s hot in the desert. Dar and Tara have a Snickers moment. The try to get the mail from the mailman. Hazel has the hiccups again. Tara goes shopping with coupons. Tara massages Hazel’s tear glands. The kids and I goof around. We crack open a rancid coconut. I dig buñuelos! I furrow my brow …

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Baking cookies with Mommy

Work is really cramping my “spending time with my family” style. Brigham is still learning to use a spoon. I wipe my face with my hands. Brigham tries to feed his hair and talks like a dinosaur. We discovered what will cause the zombie apocalypse. Darcie makes good on the hair cut cookie deal with …

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Jalapeño Jelly Time

I bust out with some homemade Jalapeño Jelly. Don’t knock it till you try it! Ginger and Brigham goof around as kids do. Brigham is making suspicious calls from his toy phone. We need to carefully watch his minutes and we’re seriously considering getting him a unlimited texting plan. I briefly cover the Jalapeño Jelly …

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Pillow Pet was a 5 Star HIT!!!

Santa ate almost all the cookies, the Elf donuts were gone and so were the carrots for the Reindeer. Ginger got a Rapunzel baby. Brigham got a Pillow Pet that he LOVES!!! Christmas is a special day because baby Jesus is a miracle. Jesus was born in a manger in a stable. We go to …

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