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Darcie thinks she’s gonna be sneaky and squirt me with the hose… but I WIN! Mystery bird lands on our chimney and sings to us. Dar is seriously infatuated with popping mushrooms with her toes, but she dances about it so it’s okay. Lately we spend entirely too much time at JoAnn Fabrics! Ginger cleans …

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70’s Photography called… – day 93

Brigham is a sneaky stinker always trying to go where he’s not allowed. Hazel starts screaming just to make herself known. Brigham pretends he’s James Bond 007. Dar and I it up the local super market and have to make some tough decisions about enchilada sauce. Princess Ginger tells tales of her adventures in times …

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CUTEST BABY EVER!!! – day 77

I, too, have the moves like Jagger! – day 60

Shopping Cart Train – day 58


Baby Shower for Hazel

Brigham runs funny and I’m not sure where he gets it. We goof off outside the souplantation. Brigham speaks spanish. I spill the beans about (to you) about the surprise baby shower. Dar figures out something is going on when we get home and there are loads of cars that she recognizes. SURPRISE!!!!! My house …

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It’s almost as pretty as you are

Ooooh, the sky is so pretty. There are light up flamingos in the clearance area of target. I translate some of Ginger’s song lyrics. We go to work on a Costco pizza. I share my internal struggle with wanting to eat seafood. The stinky cheese isle takes my mind off the crab legs. Couldn’t find …

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Last night was a rough one. The kids were up in waves that kept us up most of the night. We were invited to breakfast at the Lunnen’s home. Brigham is hungry. We make a quick trip to the APPLE STORE!!! I was good; I didn’t buy anything. We were actually there for Dar. Dar …

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Dar takes over the Vlog

Brigham and I go on the hunt for a hidden Ginger. Tara’s “very interesting stories” get put on hold. Dar takes over the Vlog and goes shopping with Tara. Dar buys too much scrapbooking stuff. People think they’re crazy! Tara doesn’t know the size of her bed. Dar is apparently a catalogue of bed sizes.

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