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Family Gymnastics – day 92

Ginger sings the Broccoli song. Dar gives herself a starchy facial. We take another family walk to Tara’s house. Grandma Sue has a bum leg and it gives her swagger! I teach you and Maryjane my favorite prank to play on my friends. Tara breaks a nail polish bottle on her carpet. Brigham takes a …

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I, too, have the moves like Jagger! – day 60

Was that a golf tournament?

Out to diner at Souplantation. Something is up with the bloggie, I charged it all day but have no battery… poop-knuckle! Matt is back from ABQ and he has a cool new shirt. Brigham dances while he eats. The camera runs out of ba…..

Poop-thumb Saga

I enhance a spinning top with my Dremel Tool!! Oh yeah. That top is doing about 5,000 RPMs. I prep a garden for G and Grandma Sue. Ginger freezes me with her super ice power. Tyler explains the lesson in the movie Tangled, and now he’s in trouble. I come home to a frozen Darcie …

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Sweet Cakery

Dar had her c-section staples out today and while there she explains what she was thinking last night in her sleepy stupor. Apparently the baby in our bed isn’t ours. We make a little stop at a new cakery called Nana D’s and get sold a knock off pillow pet. Frank and Sherry (Dar’s Aunt …

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Christmas tree is goin’ up!

Gettin’ a hair cut… FINALLY! Have you ever used pomade? DO IT NOW!!! YOU’RE WASTING TIME WATCHING THIS STUPID VLOG!!! GO GET SOME POMADE AND PUT IT IN YOUR HAIR!!! NOW. STOP READING THIS AND GO NOW!!! Okay, back on track. We went to a super nice dinner at our church and then busted out …

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Sweet Potato Pie, OH YEAH!!!

I’ve never had sweet potato pie… Until NOW!!! Lets just say that I have a new favorite pie. I’m really not into sweets unless they’re cold and fruity so I’m not really a pie person… this, however, changes the game! It’s not too sweet and the shredded coconut makes it so awesome!!! I asked Matt …

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Quelfing on T-day

Ginger started off Thanksgiving by drawing a turkey on the back porch. Way to get into the spirit G! I was catching up on the blog, G’ma Sue was playing with the kids and Dar was busy making green bean casserole and candied yams until we left for Tara and Curt’s house. Tara cooked the …

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Out for breakfast

We got a nice surprise this morning, Curt & Tara invited us to go to breakfast with them. YAY! I can’t remember the last time we went out for breakfast. What a treat!┬áTara put some quarters in the toy machines for Ginger and the shenanigans ensued. The Boy started getting restless when we ran out …

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Bike Trailer on the Move!

It’s Veteran’s day today, so I thought we should enjoy this beautiful country with a bike ride. After The Boy woke up from his afternoon nap we got ready for our outing. I made sure to grab munchies, drinks, helmets, and a blanket. Once the kids were all cozy in the bike trailer, we headed …

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